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Rebecca Saint is a condemned dame. Once a prominent porno star, she now sits on death row and today is her execution. As she is interviewed before her death by a reporter, she recounts the video that made her popular---a gals in prison film set on a fiction death row. What goes after are the finest gig from that vid, including an execution dream scene and her "real" on flick execution. Needless to say, it is all very sexy--even as she goes to her death.
But back to reality, she is in prison for murder and now it is time for her to indeed die. Life imitates art. She walks her real last mile as the other chicks goad her from their cells. She is unceremoniously brought into the death chamber. Unlike the fantasy porn, this room is very bland, very sad. She is trussed in. There is no switch to pull like in the movies. The guard calls to the control booth and generators are enabled go after by the lethal electrified current which courses through her youthfull body.
It takes a couple times, but in the end, she is dead. Her adorning is removed, she is unstrapped and taken away. In the sumptuous room, she lays, awaiting her autopsy and ultimate disposal.
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