Velvets Fantasies-Drugger Enforcement

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This outstanding tale is based off a custom script in an impressive location! The scene starts with Sinn Sage and Jacquelyn as undercover DEA agents attempting to trick their target (in this case, the head of a major cartel is played by Derek) into incriminating himself. Unbeknownst to them, tho, he's well aware of who they really are...and every trick in their repertoire. After setting a trap for the nymphs, Derek has plans to finish off the femmes for good, but after he learns about them taking "suicide pills" he has just the right drug for the job: a mental predominance serum that turns them into mindless drones that serve his every command! He then makes the girls do a sumptuous dance for him, while using freeze directives to slide a chloroform wettened rag under their noses that briefly turns their stellar dance into a disoriented filth till the pass out! We even get to see Sinn Sage perform a enticing pole dance where she gets commanded to freeze in multiple poses!

The fun doesn't end there however when Alisa, another DEA agent, joins the party. At highly first-ever she sneaks in and thinks she has the spurt on her target, but with his new hypnotized bombshells at his side, he briefly too will have Alisa as a permanent resident.

A very exclusive THANK YOU to the customer involved in helping me produce this vid and providing me with a brand new prop: a shining new fog machine!

This video contains 2 sleeping gas KOs (made with my BRAND New FOG MACHINE!!), sleepy "suicide" pill KOs, hypnosis across injections, hypnosis sleep instruction KOs, mental supremacy dancing chloroform induced KOs, dancing and freeze directives, pistol lash KO, cradle carries, over the shoulder carries, Two person carry, eye check, bod piles, gutless limb manipulation
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