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snuff videos PKF Studios-Emma and the Rope
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Aaron has grabbed a jaw-dropping frightened lil' tart. She stands before him quaking as he demands she take off her clothes, forcing her to unclothe for him slowly. Once bare he starts to attach cuffs around her wrists and ankles, guaranteeing she canТt run. Pulling her by her hair he moves her towards a noose stringing up in the middle of the room. He bod gets taller feeble with fear and she pleads for him to stop as he lowers the loop around her bent neck. His souless eyes pierce into her as he pulls the end of the wire tight, pulling the quivering captive to her toes, her eyes bulging as the air is cut off. She fights to stay standing, as he strings up her and extracts, toying with her ability to breathe and her threshold for fear. Letting her glob to the floor, giving her a moment of relief, he siezes her on the floor and pulls back on the wire as her tied feet and wrists search for relief, kicking sporadically and instinctually. Soon she finds herself at the end of her own rope and her assets embarks to go gutless as her eyes spin forward in a death stare. Aaron liquidates the string and leaves her there, legs spread.
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