PKF Studios-Killing Wendy's Best Friend

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His daughter-in-law, Wendy's greatest pal was dead for Five hours now. Melissa was still, on the sofa in repose and he observed her. The femmes would be home in a duo hours-he had time. So, he went for chubby 2. She was still new, still torrid and highly, highly uber-sexy. He plowed her all the ways he could think of before eventually sitting her up and drilling her raw hatch until he crammed her jaws up with his scorching jism. He let her fall to the sofa, lifeless-cum trickling from her hatch and looked at her. Shortly, it would be time to take her out back, down the embankment and put her with the others. But for now, he just observed her. He expected his appetizing daughter-in-law would not miss her hottest pal. She very likely would. But, Melissa was too juicy to pass up.

Earlier that day, she was alive and waiting in his living apartment. He had arranged this day however careful planning. His wifey and daughter-in-law were in the next town at the fresh outlet center. They would be gone for hours and Melissa, on the pretense that she was supposed to meet Wendy at her mansion, waited semi-patiently.

He had the bounty of gab, and tho careful wording, and the suggest of money, he coaxed her to model for him.

She was so magnificent. He was not sure he was going to kill her. But, after witnessing her switch in and out of a few lingerie combinations, he was sure. Now it was time for phase Two.

She was a lil' averse, but like all youthful twenty yr olds, she was in need of money. The premise was plain. He trussed her to the sofa and packaged a belt around her to "pose" for the "Damsel in Distress" images. Only, once he had her where he desired her, he gasped the penetrating tart out.

With her unconscious, he took instantaneous liberty by plowing her facehole. This of course woke her up, but he gasped her out with his hard-on.

Afterwards, she was on the bed-still unconscious. He leisurely caressed and slurped her youthful flesh. Once she woke up, he pounded by force her in many postures. She was an emotional mud and he was stiff as a rock and prepped for the finale.

Face down, and palms trussed to the couch, he ravaged her downward rear end as he packaged his belt around her neck, gasping her near unconscious. When he got exhausted of that, he packaged a nylon stockings around her neck to complete her.

She was so powerless, but life came back when she realized he was attempting to kill her. She fought for a few minutes before eventually giving way to having no air. He kept pounding her dead bod, sexually aroused about what he was going to do with and to her for the next few hours.
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