Darks Rooms-Double Sensation

доп поле скриншотов
snuff videos Darks Rooms-Double Sensation
porn necro Darks Rooms-Double Sensation

Runtime : 25min 12s
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If you kike strangulation scenes please don't miss this one. This video consists all fetish elements of super-sexy strangulation:

Killer microskirt, sumptuous business girl, Two victims, one by one murder, 25 minutes long (!), ultra fabulous white tights, death gawps, legs kicking, face antics, ache, wheezing, carrying, many different dead poses, playing with corpses, caressing bodies, bodypile. It's very super-sexy one!

Two youthfull journalist decided to make career in press and earn one million dollars for off the hook pics of dead legendary actress. To be highly very first in this sensation report they decided. to KILL the actress. They invited her for personal interview. She agreed and said that she has very active schedule so it would be finer to interview in her hotel number. They came to her place and when the doll asked questions, her counterpart went behind the actress and commenced to smother her. She was very surprised when Two intelligent people - youthfull man and lady in glasses strangled her like a bitch! She tried to escape but she had no chance for life. After long strangulation scenes with all fetish elements of sexy throttling pinch (legs kneeing, face antics, pain, wheezing) she died.

Journalists-killers played with her dead figure like a woman to find the best stance for postmortem pic session. They took off her clothes leaving her only in white stocking and carried to the bedroom to make more photos. But bad dame didn't know that her partner decided to do double gusto. He wasn't going to share his fees for images and attacked her too! «What are you doing?» - she asked in funk when he embarked to throttled her. He killed he on the dead actress's body. He tried to pic the following article: «Famous actress and youg dame journalist were all dame lovers and were attacked by intruder when they were making love». So he undressed his dead accomplice and put corpses together in marvelous bodypile.
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