Velvets Fantasies-A Twisted Ending

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snuff videos Velvets Fantasies-A Twisted Ending
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Agents Velvets and Coco have been equipped with the task of training in a virtual reality program to test their skills against one another in a 'no weapons/bare hands only' rules compete. The agents obey, and the program begins.but Jacquelyn is way too fast for her rookie rival. She seizes Coco under the chin and the top of her skull as her prey prays, but a single snap of the neck silences her instantly. And so it begins.round after chubby of the more experienced Velvets getting the drop on Coco and taking her out with multiple neck snaps, and even some overkill snaps to make "sure". After multiple takedowns, it's time to tally up the score, with Coco pouting angrily as agent Velvets is given the win. Coco all of a unexpected attacks, snapping Jacquelyn's neck before the towheaded cutie has a chance to celebrate. Their manager is impressed by Coco's voracity, but in order to get her out of the VR program, he has to perform a final Point of sight neck snap that ends the session, leaving Two violated lovelies piled up on a bed as the camera fades to black.

This movie contains multiple neck snap deaths, overkill neck snaps, dragging, pulse checks, death gawps, asking, will-less limb manipulation
Category: Snuff Fantasy
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