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Verronica just put a tasty roast in the open and her sissy Aubrey accompanies her to the couch as they relieve until their guests arrive. Typical conversation, nothing too deep, when all of a unexpected a stud rushes in, a hitman hired by their rich father to take care of the Two damsels for destroying his company. He tosses the Two women to their knees on the floor. Huddled and shuddering next to each other, the boy elevates his gun and takes them both out, highly very first Verronica with a shot to the chest and then her head. Next he dispatches Aubrey letting her suffer a bit more with 2 shots to the chest, but ultimately she gives way.

He gets to work and taking Veronica's shoes off, takes a full whiff of the soles of her feet. Peeling back her half-top and pulling her soles up to his lap he uses her nylon clothed feet to stroke his lollipop. He works the feet over his fuckpole then bringing Aubrey's cold feet up kinks a lattice around his rosy cigar with their pleasing piggies. He opens up Verronica's legs and pulling her up to the couch slurps her cunt before pulverizing it with his man meat on the couch. Her cold gaze looks on to her dead mate sprawled on the floor as her limp form flips with his shoves. He pops rock-hard over the bods of the dead ladies and tucks Verronica's pantyhose in her hatch, leaving them for her parent to find and feign virginity in their demise.
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