PKF Studios-Her Last Shower

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PKF Studios-Her Last Shower

Youthfull Sasha has just got back from the gym and is looking forward to a hot shower, taking the time to get her water just right as it's streaming down her raw naked figure. Just as Sasha is getting the massage setting going on her love button a creepy nude intruder carrying a knife leaps into the bathroom demanding for her to gargle on his man rod capturing her head and directing it in the direction of his rising beef whistle which he props up with the knife.
Sasha tried her roughest to bring the creep to sensation whinging and bellowing through out funked she'll be stabbed at any point. Right before the creep can bust he decides to save his jizm for her pussy and stabs her in the tummy so deep her blood gushes instantaneously running down her slit and leg. The intruder takes aim and stabs her one more time in the mouth and this is the final deepthroat killing her as blood rivulets down her whole body now and spewing out out her mouth like a butchered beast.
He put the blade to his knife down and pulls her lifeless body from the bathtub and drags her to the shower curtain he has laid out for her bleeding bod where he begins wanking his guy prick while kneading her still wet vagina. Becoming more wild the intruders pinkish cigar swells fatter until the urge to spunk is taking over and he uses Sasha's dead forearm to masturbate him before plowing her poon pulling out his pecker and pumping out all over her belly.
His orgasm takes all the intensity from the creepy intruders body and he lays down for a moment next to his lifeless slave and twists her puffies before getting up and wrapping Sasha's figure in the curtain and dragging her off to dispose of her body.

Runtime : 21min 32s
File Size : 1.23 GB
Resolution : 1472x1080

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