PKF Studios-Under My Control

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PKF Studios-Under My Control

The villain, Hydra, has been gripped by the Justice League and placed in a secure cell. Stargirl goes to give him a pice of her mind, but this is the chance that he has been waiting for. As powerful as Stargirl is, she has no defense against the mind control powers of Hydra. With but a plain pocket watch, he has her mesmerized and under his control. To be certain he has succeeded in glamorous her, he tests her highly very first, commanding her to bend over so he can admire her rigid, lush backside underneath her scandalously short microskirt. Next, he orders her to take hold of and wring her bra-stuffers, to run her mitts through her silky, blonde hair and to crawl on the bed like a wanton bi-atch. When she conforms with every one of his obscene commands, he decides to go even further, to power her to wank for him, her most intimate and private action of sexuality on flash for his amusement.
Lying back, she opens up her long legs and massages herself through her cock-squeezing, red undies, breath coming faster as she perceives the rush of blood to her pubes. Delighted to make her perform this shameless romp action in front of one of her hated nemesis, he tells her to pull her panties to the side so he can witness pinkish cooch, shaven bare and utter salute with arousal. Then, he thinks Уfuck itФ, and tells her to take them off. Disrobing for him, she resumes to fumble her fingers over her moist cunt and rock stiff bean of a sensation button, choking and squirming as she senses the pressure building deep inside. Pulling out a meaty, heavy hitachi, he arms it to her, requiring her to use it, to observe her most private of acts, to publicly climax in front of him. Grinding it against her pubes, she shakes and bellows, pulsing flaps of sheer pleasure bringing her closer to the brim. When she finishes off, she spunks firm, hatch agape and eyes flipping back into her head. She collapses, gutlessly lying on the couch, fatigued from the compelling sexual stimulation.
Now that heТs had his fun, he has a job to do. To kill Stargirl. Leaning over her half-naked, youthful bod, powerless from the powerful ejaculations that wracked her, he wraps his forearms around her slender neck and squeezes, gasping the life from her. She tries to fight, but her strength has fled, her limbs feebly thrashing about as her face turns red, tongue lolling out and eyes bulging from her pretty face. Shortly, she is still, smothered to death in the Justice LeagueТs own stronghold. Hydra makes his escape, leaving her corpse on the sofa, mounds and beaver exposed for all to see, the evidence of her demeaning overpower visible to her boy heroes. Skimpy Stargirl, she should have stuck with the Justice Society of America.nd wedges his stiffy in her. With a loud grunt MaX lets out his flow and leaves her sprayed on the table until someone can come take her assets away.

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Resolution : 1920x1080

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