Psycho-Thrillers-Au Revoir Julia X

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Psycho-Thrillers-Au Revoir Julia X

A man checks his phone, and receives orders to kill a French HARPIE agent, Julia X.

Julia does not suspect she has been set up to be murdered. When the enemy agent attacks her she is surprised, and tho' she fights, she is overcame. She is knocked down and when she is on her knees her hooter-sling is removed to throttle her. She struggles rock hard, but cannot break free. She assassin strangles her to death, then snaps her neck as well to make sure she is concluded. He shoves her corpse to the floor.

The assassin peels off her and has necrosex with her body in multiple positions, including taking hold of her ponytail so she can give him a dead oral pleasure. After he cums, he takes her panty and thrusts it into her throat. He arranges her in a sitting stance, takes a marker pen, and writes "French Slut" on her torso. Leaving her humiliated, he finishes by taking a picture of her bod and posting it on the internet, with the text "Happy Birthdead, Mademoiselle Julia".

Runtime : 21min 51s
File Size : 556 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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