Velvets Fantasies-Living Out His Fantasies

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Our story embarks with a new couple played by the lovely Terra Misu and SK. Terra is approached by SK about his admiration of the sleepy fetish and how he's always wished of roleplaying sleepy sequences with his fuckin' playmate. Terra is put off by his dreams, but SK won't let that get in the way of a good time!

Highly very first, he knocks her out with chloroform, all the while teasing her in and out of consciousness. Terra struggles beneath the cloth, but with all of her effort to fight it, she gives way to the fumes and becomes his knocked out rag doll. Satisfied with the results, SK continues to test her unconsciousness and proceeds to let her awaken. When she does, she is disoriented and thinks she fell asleep on her own. To keep things going, SK improvises by using her own shoe as a KO device by smashing her in the temple right back to sleep.

He then picks her up over his shoulder and is amazed at her limp form and enjoys manipulating her body by draping it on the couch and onto the floor. When she awakens again, she is greeted by a blackjack gargle to the head that takes Two beats to ultimately do the trick, while having his way by repeatedly knocking her out, unclothing, and carrying his new sleeping hotty.

In the end, he explains to her that when she ultimately regains her senses, they're going to have a nice long talk about their new relationship venture, one that just may end up in her getting put back to sleep immediately!

This video contains chloroform KOs, shoe temple screw KO, blackjack KO, sleeper hold KO, sleeping gas KO, teasing chloroform KO, injection KO, over the shoulder carries, Rag dolling, will-less limb manipulation

Runtime : 23min 32s
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Resolution : 1280x720

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