Velvets Fantasies-Vampire Hunter Sumiko

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Velvets Fantasies-Vampire Hunter Sumiko

After months of tracking down the evil and alluring vampire known as Jacquelyn Velvets, demon-hunter Sumiko makes her way to the blood-suckers lair. She calls Velvets out but is told that she has to fight through a group of minions before reaching her rival. As Jacquelyn taunts her, Sumiko is coerced to do battle against mind-blowing femmes clad in crimson (Lucy Purr, Nicole Oring, and Eden). She dispatches each attacker one at a time and believes them to be vampires, but after some inspection, she realizes they're clones created to guard Velvets' crypt. Regardless, she knocks each clone out and carries them over her shoulder for storage. Sumiko's power is on full show here as she performs extended fem/fem carries, taking each unconscious guard away for future inspection and even posing with each damsel in front of a nearby mirror. A final battle features Sumiko taking out the last 3 clones as WELL as the evil vampire, who faces a holy water knockout as her underlings lay piled up behind her. Our final shot is one to the vampire hunter poses in front of a mirror with what appears to be nothing via her shoulder. She spanks an invisible buttock and we all of a sudden realize it belongs to the sleeping Velvets, who casts no reflection! Sumiko turns towards us, unveiling the sleeping vampire slung over her shoulder as she takes her back to her headquarters for an eternal imprisonment!

This video contains choreographed fight scenes, crush KO, uppercut crush KO, neck clamp KO, head slam KO, sleeper hold KO, neck chop KOs, punch KOs, garlic bust KO, extended over the shoulder carries

Runtime : 18min 7s
File Size : 1.17 GB
Resolution : 1280x720

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