PKF Studios-Lobbying Power

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PKF Studios-Lobbying Power

Nickey was a true believer in the Red, White and Blue. From debate club and student government to a political science major at Columbia, she was on the rapid track to the inward workings of Washington, D.C. She was thrilled to get her internship with one of the most notorious lobbyists on the Hill; his connections were well-known, his reputation built on bills handed, or tabled, depending on who he was working for.

It helped that he was wonderful, as well, tho the aura of energy he exuded had soaked many a g-string on its own. Even when Nickey was revealed to the more unsavory side of D.C., the backroom deals and exchanges of favors, she accepted them as a necessary evil and was always amazed with the way her boss would navigate the twisted halls of congress. She was entirely loyal to him, willing to do anything, including getting her knees muddy under his desk, blowing his phat jizz-shotgun, while he continued his business on the phone.

He was not above using his hefty boner to seal some deals, so it was that Nickey found herself under his desk, acting as his intimate fluffer, polishing his erection for an appointment with some wild congresswoman. Thankful for Nickey's help, he still dismisses her coldly, as the time of the congresswoman's arrival nears. Nickey leaves, dejected, to allow him privacy to make his illicit deals.

She returns to find him transferred out, fatigued, on the sofa, his expensive suit in disarray. She begins to straighten his bind and button his t-shirt, but seeing him so quiet, so helpless, she commences to get insane ideas in her head. Pulling his shaft out, she deepthroats and licks until it is rock-hard and standing at attention. Slipping her open up trousers and undies off, she mounts his rock stiff pole, gasping as its thickness opens up her out, as she struggles to fit it inside her. It's not long before the lobbyist awakens to his splendid intern bouncing on his boy fuckpole.

Furious that she would take such liberties with him, he lashes out. Holding her by the hatch, he pins her to the couch and fucks her aggressively, sometimes punching her in the face to further make his point. Throwing her on the floor, he seizes her hips and hits into her from behind. His anger unabated, he takes hold of a nearby electric string and wraps it around her neck, pulling tight, while his chisel proceeds to batter her womb. Nickey wildly thrashes about, fearful of her boss's onslaught and her lack of oxygen. His fury gives him an inhuman power, however, and she is unable to escape. Her gullet gapes open, eyes bulge, face turning red, but she draws not a single breath. After a brutish and aggressive fray, Nickey lies dead on the floor.

But her manager isn't done with her yet. Exhilarated from his brutal activity, he begins to take out her rock hard bosoms, fondling the juicy joy bags. Hoisting her off the floor, he humps her dead assets on the desktop, on the bed, prodding his pinkish cigar into her defenseless throat and cootchie. He continues to savage her corpse, his thick, humungous pole penetrating her youthful jaws, plundering her taut vulva, tossing her bod around his office like a dog with a chew toy. At last, his ejaculation overtakes him and he aims his pink cigar at the pretty, but dead, Nickey, phat globs of jism adorning her. Wedging himself back in his pants, he gets on the phone. He knows people that can make poor Nickey disappear. After all, he's an important fellow with intense people depending on him. One tiny dead intern isn't going to affect him.

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