PKF Studios-Body In The Box

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PKF Studios-Body In The Box

Brooke is heading out for an outstanding vacation to Rome and she can't wait to leave. Her cab is a little late, but she gets a text from the driver, he's outside.

Afterwards, a man brings a cardboard cage into his living room on a dolly. He slices open the top unsheathing Brooke's dead body rammed inside. He spills her on the floor, her body beaten and bruised, a chunk of cloth roped rigidly around her neck.
He commences by laying her out on the floor as he studies her. He picks up her by her feet and carries her upside to his bedroom upstairs. He unclothes off her one remaining shoe and her khaki pants, followed by her knee-high socks. He fumbles her skin, fondling her boobs, admiring her neck. He places mushy kisses on her skin, he wants to take his time with her.

He opens up her vagina and starts munching her love button. He raises her bum into the air and embarks pulverizing her from behind, slowly at very first, her head rubbing against the comforter, her mammories bouncing with each shove. He positions Brooke's head over the side of the bed, and slips his spear deep down into her gullet, ripping up her still steamy gullet.
He climbs on top of her and wraps his hand around her neck, squeezing as he boinks her hard. He jizzes inside her, weakened and prepared for a break. He hangs her over the side of the sofa, legs opened up, as he leaves to recuperate before he continues to break in his off the hook lil' toy.oments, then dies. Afterward a cop comes in and have joy with, massages and partially takes off the bods, making sure to reveal all the goodies.

Runtime : 29min 37s
File Size : 1 007 MB
Resolution : 1920x1080

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