PKF Studios-Confessions I

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PKF Studios-Confessions I

This is the kicking off of a fresh series that I expect fosters memories of retro slasher videos of the 70s and 80s. This vignette inspired by "Confessions of a Serial Uber-sexy".

She let the 2 fellows into her how. Her TV was on the wink and Madge said he could help her out. She was a tiny off-put by the brazilian. He followed Ed in. He was tranquil. He placed himself by the door while she spoke to Ed. She observed from the sofa. The Brazilian gaver her a sight. She did not like it. All of a sudden, Ed was done. Complete. He sat next to her, providing her conversations. Distracting her. That's how I remembered it at least. And, tho the years have gone by, there are some things I recall well. My name is Ed.
She did not like my advances. I figured what the hell anyhow since my aim was not going to be friendly She got up and headed in the direction of the door--opened it. The Latin was waiting on the outside. He went to urinate earlier, but truly, he went out the window and was waiting outside. The plan was a ordinary one. Now it was rape time. She bolted by I caught her. We wrassled on the couch, but I got her on her stomach and sat on her palms. She was prone for raping and my meatpipe was sore. The Latin observed. It was all he ever did.

Tore her skanky whore-dress off and was getting to biz. She resisted, but only so much. She knew is was a rape. She know the Latin was their She wern't going no where and prolly was resigned a but. She was sobbing and blubbering, my manmeat was in her cock-squeezing fuckbox when the Latin transferred me the knife. And this is the moment when it happened. I never killed before. But, I have to confess--it was as effortless as draggin' a knife throughout a youthfull broads mouth. And I did.

She deep throated and swishes I think she was astonished by the entire thing. Her figure just shook and the noises that come out of her were magnificent sounding to me. My schlong got even tighter. I shoved into her even more. Her bootie and gams wer jiggling--what a rail. I was completed before I knew it.

And the who time she was dying. And, now she was still. Eyes were open and blood was trickling out of her throat. She was already bleed out, most of the blood just drenched into the fluffy bedspread. I flipped her--looked at her dead eyes. The gag was in her gullet, blood around her jaws. She had a supreme meaty crimson sneer on her mouth. I put it there.

The Brazilian said we had to go. I always listen to him--or at least I did. That was the last time he would come to the soiree. We left.

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