PKF Studios-Dead Secretary

доп поле скриншотов
PKF Studios-Dead Secretary

CSI's are on the vignette of a murder at a local office house. A secretary--dead--sexually assaulted--cum oozing from her cooling corpse. The episode secured, the CSI and forensic detective run the sequence. They collect evidence and make comments about the body and plot. At one point, it becomes known the the detectives twin step-brother works in another department of the palace and makes a note to interview him later. They bag her palm, bag the assets and carry her off.

At the morgue, the detective and morgue tech process the assets. Pictures are taken. Clothes are cut off. More evidence is collected. Very meticulously they go over her from stockings clad feet and legs to swabbing her gums. Her hair is combed through. Humps are scraped, frigs are printed. Figure is hiked and checked front and back, then spinned and flipped No stone is left unturned. More photos are taken. Once all the evidence is collected, they leave.

Later, the detectives bro arrives. He quickly started gathering up the evidence they collected to make it go away. But as he was leaving, he stopped. He was torn about what to do. The highly very first time with her had been so nice. He dreamed more. But, he could not rist contaminating her bod. So, carefully, he eliminated the sheet from her feet. He pulled out a pair of her stockings from evidence and put them back on her. He pawed her feet and tights dressed legs. He pushed the sheet up more--revealing more of her. She had changed. 22 hours later, she looked different, marbled and dead, but she was still his and she was still, in his mind, super-sexy. He pulled his fuckpole out.

Her mouth was cold but he warmed it up promptly with the friction of his pipe filling her facehole. Precum oiled, his spear was massively engorged as he plower her--feeling her sandy humid tongue rubbing on his fuck-stick. He wanted more.

He went around---down to her feet. The tights felt so good as he groped his knob in between her feet. He still smelled reminance of the perfume she put on the day before. She put it on for him and it was working. After a while, he could not wait any longer. But, he could not just stick his unprotected beef whistle in her vagina. What if they swabbed her again? So, he protected himself, then glided his man meat in. Cold. But, it warmed up like a glove and he pummeled her stiff until he deepthroat his geyser into the latex barrier he had fortunately remembered to use. He filled it up with his cum, then pulled it out, adding it to the bag, hoping the the main check-up had been done and there would be no checks for hair and fibers. He could not guarantee he did not leave some evident. But, he was the step-brother of a cop, so he was pretty savvy in these matters.

This was his very first murder, his very first conquest. He could never go back. Not now, not after this. Lacey in account was uber-cute. Maybe he would witness what she was up to.
The Latin said we had to go. I always listen to him--or at least I did. That was the last time he would come to the soiree. We left.

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