PKF Studios-Hogtie Killer 7 part 2

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PKF Studios-Hogtie Killer 7 part 2

After all the foreplay, he was well-prepped for the real action. This cunt did not know anything, so he might as well properly take her purity.

He pulled her up for some from the rear style act. He spear was fed by her wails and cries. He could not have had a nicer gimp. They just got nicer every time. From 30 something district attorney to the lady that could have been her daughter. Shag yeah. He slammed her cock-squeezing virgin (was) cootchie until he fatigued of that pose, then he spinned her over and boned her missionary. When he was done and she was a sobbing ball of worthlessness, he decided he could have her one other way. And she witnessed the sight and begged him not too. But, he already made up his mind.

He flipped her back over and inserted his 9 inch guy manstick in her tiny lil' arse. It was agonizing for her, but sensed romping impressive to him. He inserted her tight ass in and out, in and out. She was so clean and taut, it was ashamed what he would have to do to her later.

When he returned, he had her phone. He redialed the last number and taunted her cop sista. She would not be able to save her little sister--and then, he was coming for her. This could not have worked out more flawlessly.

But, now, it was time for the song and dance--the dog and pony shot, the...whatever the penetrate it was called.

Dame...blah, blah, blah, if you fellate my manstick real fine, I will let you live. Well, it sounded differently to her, but he used that cheesy lying line so many times now. And, they all believed him. They had no choice. They all want to live. It's as intense as a belief in a deity. He laughed to himself silently the taut supah steaming teen drooled his pulsating knob.

He kept having fun with her--their time was running short. At one point, he slammed it in far and confined it until her eyes were rolling back in her head. Finally, he pulled out his geyser in her gullet and like the rest she drool his man love jam out. That part always helped in his justification for killing them. If one of them actually swallowed--we, he would still still kill them, but hey, gotta respect a swallower.

He rapped the cable around her next and the surprise look in her face was priceless. The, she nailing struggled. She was harsh, but had no leverage, or forearms to use. He had it digging in her throat, he had no idea how she was lasting so long. Then, she managed to get her arms free. He was caught a bit off guard by that, but kept it tight. She commenced grimacing and he know it would be down hill. She slowed and slowed. He was able to switch to a one forearm hold while he fingerblasted her tight, cracked slit.

She ultimately dies, starring blankly. It was highly likely a relief for her after all he put her through. He guided her to the floor, then spent time removing all his ropes.

He lifted her back on the assets, opened up her out, then captured his things and left. Off to San Fransisco to find her sista and hopefully, the last. Of course, if he runs into any beauties on the way, he might make an exception. After all, after 2 years of killing, he knew nothing else. And, most of all--he luved it.

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