PKF Studios-The Strangling Room Stormy

доп поле скриншотов
PKF Studios-The Strangling Room Stormy

In the future, all crimes are punishable by death. From time to time, crimes are fabricated just to remove people from the population. When they are taken---they come in....

The Strangling Room
Stormy, 28 years senior, a slightly 18 aid, was working part time at a Legitimate office, just trying to keep up with her families bills- comes in the room. She has no idea where she is or how she got there. She fumbles around the room looking for an exit.
A dude displays up. We will call him Hubert. That is, in fact his name, but no one ever learns this fact. Such a harmless name for a man that possesses such deadly intent. He sizes up his subs. He aways does. He does not hate them. He does not know them. To him, she is an charming nymph, someone if, he was ever let out into society, he would perhaps like to have coffee with.
It only takes a moment for him to assess them. He possesses a expertise. He knows he must always win. If he does not, he will be dead.

She is cautious of him, but truly, just wants to know what is going on. She tries to communicate with him. He fucktoys with her like he does with all of them.

She is clueless when he goes in, grabbing her facehole, throwing her down rock stiff on the floor. The shock us usually sufficient with this budge and then he can take them out. But not with her. She is heavy. A fighter. They roll and tumble about before he is even able to get his garrote around her. But once he does, it is all down hill.

They change positions a few more times as he tries to get her "over that lovemaking", but again, to his surprise, her will to live is strong--very strenuous.

Once she does begin to slow, he only enhances his resolve---he knows they are observing him. Any weakness. Any....

After a while, she finally goes into her last death throws and it is when he really looks into her eyes to she her for who she truly is....was. He always did this, watched them die. The life as it left gave him the most fulfillment and was worth all suffering that came with this job.

She was dead. Eyes wide....looking up. Facehole hardly open. Not moving. Still. He relaxed his grab and leaned in to listen fro breathing. Nothing.

The job was almost done. They required that he unclothe them before taking the bodies to the display room.

So, he non-ceremoniously removed her clothing until she was totally bare, then picked her up and dragged her out.

Runtime : 16min 12s
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Resolution : 768x432

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