PKF Studios-Whats in the Box part 3

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PKF Studios-Whats in the Box part 3

Aaron just got a brand new shipment from his beloved mystery supplier. He muscles his new plaything in its unmarked box down to his dungeon space, anxious to open it and observe itТs contents. As he opens the cage, he watches her matte flesh through the plastic she was carefully wrapped in and his mind embarks to run ultra-kinky. He methodically unbuckles her containment, almost in ritual as her scent starts to tantalize his nostrils. His pecker getТs rock solid as he takes in every bit of her, kissing her lifeless corpse all the way down and undressing her to her fishnet stockings. Laying her out on the plastic he gargles on her funbags and runs his tongue up her cold cooch, getting her cute and humid for his ravage sausage. He stuffs his manmeat deep inside her, the iciness of her labia sending shudders through his fuckpole. He becomes incensed with her as he pushes into her, and he lifts her onto the sofa. Her mouth makes a flawless shell for his sock as he shoves it deep into her hatch, before continuing to poke her, her gutless limbs flopped hetero outward. Briefly his ball nutsack tighten and his dick hurls fourth his guy goo onto her stomach, loud guttural bellows pour out from his hatch as his climax weakens him and he collapses, her limp bod sliding off the bed onto the floor with him. When the afterglow of his postmortem enthusiasm washes away, he carefully and caringly packages her back up in the plastic and drags her away to his freezer for safe keeping.

Runtime : 27min 4s
File Size : 500 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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Category: Snuff Fantasy
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