PKF Studios-Angels Fall

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PKF Studios-Angels Fall

ItТs the final day on the row for inmate Smalls. She sits in waiting in her cell for her lover as part of her final conjugal visit. HeТs not displaying. Heartbroken, just wanting to have that final moment of perceiving enjoyed by someone, a feeling missed amongst prisoners damned to die, she notices the guard. It doesnТt take much pushing before she gains his sympathy and they are both bare.

The tiny Angel takes his phat stiff dude prick in her facehole, lovingly deep gargling him as she sits astride his thigh. She has missed the taste of schlong so much. She gets on top of the guard and his prick slides into her gash. She opens up her ass for him and he pumps her stiff. He lays her on her back and she longingly stares up at him. She ejaculates all over his pink cigar as he sprays his stream inside her. The pair lay as spoons basking in their ongoing sheer gusto. Such a loving act and moment as the guard takes pitty on his prisoner. After a while the guard gets up and is time. The saddened Angel puts on her dress, pensive of the moments that lay ahead.

In the execution chamber, the guard embarks placing the EKG stickies on her naked torso to monitor her heart and breathing. Appalled she commences to pout and snivel, as the guard ropes her down to the table. It saddens her so much to know the guard she just made love to will also end her life. The very first injection goes into her veins and shes is scared, not ready to go. The Second, she pleads for mercy, her uncovered body fights at the bonds. After the 3rd goes in, things go wrong. The chick begins to contorts and seize as foam comes from her jaws. The painless completing she was promised made a lie. Her pulse settles, then fades until it disappears.

The guard checks his prisoner for a pulse and doesnТt find one. He carries her back to her room and pokes her one last time before the state burries her.

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