PKF Studios-Silenced Them All

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PKF Studios-Silenced Them All

What started off as a regular, hectic day for Mrs. Lix and her 3 beautiful daughters, promptly turns into every familyТs nightmare. A man cracks in their home, brandishing a gun, and demanding answers about the internal workings of her husbandТs company. Terrified, the chicks cower together on the bed, babbling about how they know nothing. Unconvinced of their ignorance, the stud singles one of the damsels out, dragging her from the sofa, to get on all 4s at his feet in fear. Clutching her head, he brings it close to his genitals, the mother pleading the dude not to hurt her, but things go badly as, deciding she is too much trouble, he shoots her in the head. Dead before she hammers the floor, her eyes linger open, glassy and unseeing, a single, blood-soaked pulverize fuck hole oozing like a Third eye in her forehead, as the mother and her remaining daughters squeal in horror. With his gun aimed at the girls, he orders the mommy to unwrap her daughter nude and prop her up on the couch. Repulsed by the depraved directive, she nonetheless carries it out, having no choice with her other Two daughtersТ lives on the line. Crying piteously, she takes off her little girlТs corpse and hauls it onto the sofa, the other chicks cringing, repelled by the nearness of their dead step-sister. Their disgust intensifies as the man embarks to defile her body, sniffing her feet, fellating on her toes and lapping at her lifeless vag. He demands that the mommy rub the dead girlТs bumpers, while he pulls out his rock rock-hard manmeat and touches it with the girlТs feet.

Next, the intruder orders the Two younger sisters to get on their knees and suck his phat pole. They hastily obey, fearful they will be shot next if they fail to comply in any way. The youngest has never deep fellated a cock before and is disgusted by his oversized genitals, but he captures her head and forces himself into her innocent throat, causing her to choke and gag. The other sis, to distract the brute, deep throats him willingly, taking the length of him down her mouth, salivating and slobbering over it. He smears his immense man rod on both their pretty faces and forces them to deepthroat his heavy sack. Pushing them back on the sofa, next to the cooling corpse of their step-sister, he uses their nylon-clad feet to give himself a footjob, fondling Two feet over his weenie and snuffling the other Two. Then, capriciously, he stands up and shoots the youngest step-sister in the chest, killing her in seconds, inspiring fresh squeals from the Two remaining chicks.

He orders the last daughter to unwrap at gun point, unveiling her magnificent, cock-squeezing assets to the menacing manТs leering eyes. Telling her to get on the floor, on her back, with her legs spread wide open, she bellows in despair, knowing what fresh degradation awaits her. Climbing on top of the waifish damsel, he rapes her in front of her own mommy, both groaning in ache. Wailing as the manТs phat pole tears into her sensitive cootchie, she aggravates her attacker to the point where he shoots her, just to shut her up. She doesnТt die instantly, but slowly bleeds out, while the guy continues to catapult deeper and deeper inside her, her last moments becoming a humiliating pain. Pulling his trouser snake out of her dead gash, the stud stands and proceeds to demand answers from the mother, who merely sobs, her baby chicks aggressively murdered before her eyes. In a moment of perverse inspiration, the intruder lifts the girlТs corpse from the floor and drapes it across the laps of her Two dead sisters, satisfied with his own creation of a family scene. Mindless with grief, the mom falls to her knees, to weep over her lost children. Finally persuaded that she has no information to give, the stud shoots her in the back of the head, killing her instantly. Her body crumples to the ground, her muscles going limp and slack, her bladder cropping out and emptying acrid urine, darkening the crotch of her stocking and the carpet beneath her.

What more can this fellow do to these poor femmes, now that heТs slaughtered them in cold blood, tormenting them brutally in their final moments? For the curious, sight for Part 2 of this fierceness filled vid.

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Resolution : 768x432

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