PKF Studios-Vexatious

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PKF Studios-Vexatious

1. Causing to tending to cause annoyance, frustration or worry.

As trysts go, it started out ok. He picked her up at the predetermined time and place and they headed to their destination. But 45min later she was walking with him down a lonely gravel road outside the city. He seemed ultra-cute enough, but she was a bit annoyed by his lack of communication. They sat quietly on a blanket and the conversation with him was definitely frustrating. He was not the typical date and it was not long before she was worrying about this situation--this secluded place.

And that is when he touched her leg. Not happening she said out loud and changed her posture and stance to give him a physical clue along with the visible verbal one. When he reached down her pant, she realized he was not standard and quickly got up to protest. That is when things went downhill prompt. He flapped his leg out and pulled her into him. She struggled to break free but he was exceptionally mighty and had her excellent. They wrestled a bit, but when the leather garrote wrapped tightly on against her neck, she indeed startled.

By then--it was too late. The garrote was cock-squeezing. Her body lurched outstretched, legs quaking, muscles tensing and jaws agape as she fought this energy that was holding her--cutting off her air. She was a youthfull girl--athletic and built, but also puny and diminutive. She would last, but his overbearing energy would eventually win out. They played this game for a few minutes but in the end, he won. Now, with his meeting dead, he would really be with her as he dreamed. No nagging or noise of any sort. Just his own. He was superb with that.

He rolled her over, checkout her back side and great rigid arse. He got her unclothes then commenced touching her, tonguing and rubbin' her orbs. He tested her cock-squeezing youthful cootchie and after a while he wished her. The sex lasted a while. Very first missionary for tradition sake. Then, and he like this the best--cow nymph. She flopped on him like a rag lady as her corpse rode his firm spunk-pump until he finally blasted into her tight tiny pussy. She collapsed on top of him and looked her in the eyes, sealing this moment for eternity.

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