PKF Studios-Fatal Knowledge

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PKF Studios-Fatal Knowledge

Melissa's boyfriend is one bad guy and his associate thinks she has given information to the cops. She insists she hasnТt but that is not enough to stop him from throwing a hammering punch. The hitting goes after, suck after blow, a kick to her delicate stomach, a knee to her slit, she begs for him to believe her. His giant mitts captures her gullet suffocating her until she passes out. He drags her uber-sexy gutless assets away.

She awakens in what can only be described as a kill room. Her mild wrists draped above her and her fantastic ebony high-heeled footwear just barely groping the cardboard floor. Her bf's associate still volatile appears, landing more blows to her abdomen. Obviously her pretty lil' bloodstained lips won't spill if he doesn't step up his game. A baseball bat? He beats her in the gut like he,s trying for a home run. She prays for him to stop, terrified. Hmm, foul ball. He brings out a knife, maybe the fear of being stabbed will get her to converse. He cuts away her slinky black dress. But why kill her now? He's having way too much fun seeing her funked tiny cupcakes tremble.

He brings out and electric magic wand. Not powerful enough? He tries the cattle prod. She still wonТt talk! The flogger? He undresses her naked with the knife, cutting her hooter-sling away to let her doughy baps roll out. He perceives up her quaking bod, up to her jugs and then twists a nipple as rock hard as he can until it embarks to bleed. The torture and interrogation resumes. He tries everything, not leaving behind the classic car battery. She finally gives it up after he finger romps her slit into sublimation.

It's time to have a bit of fun with her before he disposes her. First is a cute dark-hued dong. He rams it in her cootchie so she can taste her own juices. Her tears only inspire him more. Grabbing a electro-hitachi he presses it to her, letting the vibrations defeat her horror and sorrow in her predicament bondage restrain bondage. Where's the fun in it for him? He decides it's time to try her full, luscious pinkish lips. Drool runs down her chin as she is forced repeatedly to gag on his weenie and blow his nut sack.

Laying out a mattress, he cuffs her ankles to her wrists so she is perfectly opened up eagle before him, her vagina glistening with her testicle tonic. He nails her on her back gagging her to tighten her up, before putting her on her face, rump heterosexual in the air. Her tears and cries of regrettable sensation muffled by the mattress. He leaves her lying on the sofa to reflect upon this indecent brunt.

He comes back to her coiled frame to allow her to make superb on her former coerced oral pleasure by giving him one like she likes it. This time, with no fight left in her she takes his beef whistle in her gullet, imagining her boyfriend who she knows by now she will highly likely will never watch again. He loves this deep facehole and blows a meaty load via her welts face. Her use as a living soul over he strangles her with a garrote until her assets goes limp. He decides to rip up her one last time in peace and dead peaceful. Coming swifter this time, he unloads his pouch nut on her corpse, leaving her bashed figure behind coated with jism and saliva on the mattress.

Runtime : 58min 28s
File Size : 896 MB
Resolution : 640x360

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