PKF Studios-Guard Duty

доп поле скриншотов
PKF Studios-Guard Duty

A soldier doll is sitting on a couch in utter military garb. ItТs indeed, indeed super-fucking-hot. This uniform doesnТt breathe at all and itТs so giant and stifling. She unbuttons the top in order to get some kind of breeze. After gulping some water, itТs still to sizzling to bear, so she just takes off her shirt and sits in her brassiere.

Bored, she sighs, slipping her mitt down her pants. She begins to rub her honeypot. SheТs so moist. ThereТs no one else around. ItТs a ideal opportunity to sheer sensation herself. SheТs really getting into it when a stud spills in the door. Panicked, she promptly pulls her mitt down her pants.

Okay, this is awkwardЕ They view at each other for a moment. She tries to go for her gun but heТs quicker, as his gun is much closer. He shoots her in the palm, and then in the belly. She clutches her belly wound with a bloodstained arm. He has no use for her, so he shoots her in the bap, right through the boulder-holder.

The dame loses consciousness, slumping over on the bed. The soldier takes her bra off. He pulls down her pants and underpants and commences to touch her puss, then rubs it with the peak of his gun. She wakes up, squealing. She pleads with him, trying to appeal to his humanity, his perceive of mercy. But he just laughs at her and shoots her again in the chest, belly, and slit. She quakes and buckles, still alive somehow.

Arching over, blood pours out her throat. She falls still. The soldier pushes her down to the couch, her eyes staring vacantly at the ceiling, and her pants around her knees. What a disgrace as a guard.

Runtime : 10min 32s
File Size : 252 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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