PKF Studios-Taken Down and Taken Out

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PKF Studios-Taken Down and Taken Out

Target has been confirmed by cartel as Wonder Lady and they have sent Agent A to stop her oftentimes from interfering with their biz. She is surely as fine as done. When she arrives she finds no-one, but a unusual note lays on the bed. She picks it up, hesitant what could be inwards. As she reads the ominous message on the page, Agent A takes her down quickly with a chloroform rag.

Her will-less assets on the floor, he binds her up and trusses a lump of clothe around her head, gasping her. On the couch of the decoy motel, he starts to disrobe her down, pulling her top off to fellate on her jummy knockers. Flipping her over on her back, he pulls her wonder undies aside and gropes the lips of her puss. Getting her vag raw before slipping his stiff weenie inbetween them. He parts her cheeks with his frigs and pumps her fuckbox deep. The deeper he heads the sudden gusto starts to rouse her feels. But when she wakes, she is terrified to witness this traitor agent on top of her.

She pleads him to stop as he tears up away at her puss, her groans shattered by interwoven rejections. He arches her over and shoves deep into her, her wonder fuckbox obliterated by the swings of unwanted climaxes, depleting her wonder powers. Face down and asks in the air, he exiles his blast deep into her cooter, tossing his final pushes as rock hard as he can into her. He pulls her off the bed and compels her to her knees, making her deep-throat the cream off his man rod.
He pumps her facehole total and taking her back to the couch wraps the Wonder wire around her neck. He pulls it taut and gasps her rigid. The pair spin via the sofa, as her will for life embarks to weaken, her gams and mitts flailing with the eruption of gagging noises from her gullet. With the life gone from her, he pulls her wonder apparel off. Pulling her dead figure to the floor, her pumps her dead panting mouth with his manmeat until he jizzes in her gullet.

On the couch he penetrates his fresh acquired plow fucktoy, humping her as firm as he can. Her gutless figure flops over the side of the sofa. Leaning her over on the couch, he pokes her. Her dead unmoving eyes gawp off at the wall as he takes, her. When his ball-sac is but up he pulls out and shoots all over her belly. Taking his gun out, he puts it in her widely opened facehole and bursts a obese thru the back of her skull for photographic effect.

Runtime : 40min 36s
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Resolution : 854x480

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