PKF Studios-The Mule

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PKF Studios-The Mule

Stella and her sista did low level side jobs for a local drug syndicate. Just getting home from a Trans-Atlantic flight from Supreme Britain, the uber-sexy air flight stewardess picks up her phone to response a call from her mummy. Her mummy informs her that her step-sister has been missing. Concerned but not wanting to funk she agrees to call her sis to check in after she gets some rest.

As she winds down, a knock comes from the door. The fellow identifies himself as a buddy of her sister's, claiming he has something significant for her. Being kind to the unaware guest she let's him in. Before she can suggest the guy a gulp, he attacks her and hauls her to the sofa. The boy fiercely compels her to fellate his prick, first-ever on her knees before thrusting her on the floor to her back and skull banging her face. She sobs and pleads for him to stop as he requests to know where his missing drugs are.

Not even almost concluded with her he hauls her to the bedroom maniacally tearing off her clothes. He makes her get his man sausage moist before cruelly assaulting her unwilling muff. Her cries and squeals go unnoticed by her attacker as he pumps his meat in and out of her. She starts to understand what happened to her sista and eventually let's the information go.

Pleading for her life and to find her sis, the fellow promises her he will let her go if she gives him the finest blow-job ever. Her finest tries prove fruitful. for him as he blows a load all over her lounging lil' cockslut throat. Tho' even pretty liars don't go far in this biz. Using her tights he throttles her, as she leisurely fades away, just as her sista.

Not one to let a excellent assets go to waste, the fellow spins her pliable corpse on it's side and screws the now more, passive than unwilling fuckhole. Spinning around he thumbs her cootchie as he kneads his chisel on her killer cheek. He proceeds to tear up her before cumming all over her still tummy. Too bad she implicated her mother..the dude ambles off to complete buttoning up the liberate ends.

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