PKF Studios-Unloved Nazi Girl

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PKF Studios-Unloved Nazi Girl

Intimate Aaron, a green beret has been grasped by the germans. One of his nazi captors comes in wearing her stellar mini-skirt and nazi frock. She promises she is not the nazi that hurt him and that if only he makes enjoy to her, as she is so lonely. He agrees to her conditions, who can pass up a stellar nazi?

He opens up her half-shirt and caresses her titties running his arms down her as she faints. He moves a forearm to her vulva and kneads it, smearing her torrid nazi fluid via her cooch, making it brilliantly raw for his boner. He pulls it out as he leans her over the cot that had been his couch for the last a few years. He takes whats his shoving his lollipop as deep inwards her as he can. But theres something else he wants to thrust inwards her.

Taking the dagger from her belt, he lifts it and brings it down fastly, piercing her tummy. She wretches in agony and shouts at him for destroying her flawless nazi bod. The 2 clash in combat as he withdraws the knife. Stabbing her again, he gets the glob on her and pulls out her ruger. He points it at her, forcing her to her knees. On all 4s he romps her some more, her winces of anguish urging him on as he holds the gun on her.

When he blows a load deep inwards her nazi cunny, he puts her against the wall. He enjoys hearing her beg for her life. He draws the gun and approaches her, her asking jaws makes a ideal holster for her gun. He presses it to the back of her hatch and letting her take only a moment for her to take in these last moments of her life, and pulls the trigger, splashing her brains out the back of her skull. Her will-less figure glides down the slat, blood spilling out of her facehole as the freshly free soldier makes his escape.

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Resolution : 854x480

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