PKF Studios-Sentry Showdown

доп поле скриншотов
PKF Studios-Sentry Showdown

She stands, shotgun in mitt, guarding the entrance. She knows the goodguys will come and attempt to get past her. She is certain her spectacular bombshell will divert them--if only for a moment, and she will kill.

He is to his very first obsticle. A super-sexy sentry. He knows he must take her out cautiously and calmly as not to alert the others. He distracts her by tossing a pebble. She looks towards the sound.

In that moment, he is nearly to her when she turns. He knocks the shotgun out of her arm and grapples the garrote around her neck. They go down to the stiff floor. He keeps the garrote cock-squeezing, her assets on his, he senses her heat and can taste her passionate sweat as she fights and polishes against him.

He controls to contain his capture on the garrote with one intense palm. With the other, he examines, running his forearms along her fighting assets and finding her sugary-sweet spot. He kneads and thumbs her vulva as he kills her. Her bod responds polishing agains his thumbs. Her face tells a different story, fighting ferociously against the string garrote cock-squeezing agains her neck.

She slows, still polishing, her fluid flowing. Now her assets is shutting down, she is shuttering and yanking slower and slower until ultimately, she is still.

No one had heard. He is in the clear. He needs to know her more intimately before he moves on.

He finds some tarp, opens up it out and hauls her dead figure onto it. He porks her hot humid hatch for a while them videos on to her molten moist labia. It perceives so superb hugging his pulsating bone. He trusts in and out, penetrating her stiff and switching postures a few times. Then he pummels her throat some more, then heads back to plowing her until ultimately nutting all over her stomach.

Pleased, he gets up, captures her shotgun and exits thru the door she was guarding--leaving her sprawled out and dead.

One down, more to go.

Runtime : 24min 18s
File Size : 394 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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