PKF Studios-The Doctor is in

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PKF Studios-The Doctor is in

She did. And today, she was supah jumpy. During soccer tryouts at college, she had a few instances of shortness of breath. Her coach was worried and would not let her on the crew sans a check up. She liked soccer and she would be so disappointed.

She sat nervously, waiting for the doc. He was a specialist referral by her general doc. She did not know what the test involved and was a tiny timid sitting in the skinny, scanty gown they gave her.

The test proceeded. He checked her blood tension first-ever, then she had to let down her top so he could perceive her torso and back. She was unsure--but he was a doctor--a pro. She knew he was not thinking insane thought as his aging palm massaged her chest--her funbags. She attempted to disregard it and be plucky.

Afterwards, he had her lay down for a more thorough examination. The gown was shoved down a lil' further--panties uncovered. He even rubbed her on the hip. She was hardly keeping it together during this.

Ultimately, the EKG and then--she was done. Tidy bill of health. She thanked the doc, got clad and left. As she did, the medic looked closely at her records...searching for her address.

At home, she was aroused. In her apartment, she chatted to a buddy, then her mommy, who was at work--telling them both the great news. She had already forgotten the doctors mitts caressing her individual areas.

Still on the phone with her mother, she turned--and was gazing right at the medic. She froze. He pulled the phone out of her forearm and chucked it. She attempted to run, but was tackled by another guy. This stranger was on top of her as they fell to the couch. She scarcely had time to fight and the physician had a string around her neck. All of a sudden---she could no longer breath.

Her bod went into survival mode. But 2 giant guys holding her, there was not much she could do. She bucked and writhed about as he restricted the cord stiffly around her neck. Her tongue caned out, her eyes broad. The other man--the one helping, he ran his forearms along her bod as she was struggling to live. He caressed her all over--even inbetween her gams.

But, after a while, even that did not matter--in fact, none of it mattered. All the days events were fading away in a wash of a dark blur as her life concluded.

When she no longer moved and the doc was sure, he let go of the cable. The other guy left and the medic was alone with her. He checked her heart again. Not bashing. He fondled her assets. Then, he shoved her gams apart and took her as his. He made enjoy to the dead teen, experiencing her heat, her slick flesh, her aroma. She was brilliant to him. He spinned her over and did her some more until he was ended.

Now, he packaged her up in her own blanket and took her ou

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