PKF Studios-Whats Under the Bed

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PKF Studios-Whats Under the Bed

What does Aaron have under his bed? Why it’s a girl! She has to be one of the loveliest women he ever did witness and she fits so purrfectly under his sofa. It’s a lil' cramped, but she doesn’t make complaints. That’s one of her finest qualities!

Occasionally, he takes her out, just to have fun with her. It’s like having a floppy, life-sized nymph all his own. Antsy to witness her mild, ideal flesh, he paws with her buttons and zippers, experiencing like a jumpy teenage on prom night. It takes work to get her unwrapped (she undoubtedly doesn’t help), but it’s all part of the game, make-out, if you will, grappling with the weight of her assets making his heart race quicker.

By the time she is nude, he is rock rock hard. The sense of her slick flesh is the hottest silk, her edible labia like ice champagne, the delectation that suffuses his whole assets as he glides himself inwards her is an rapture beyond words. It won’t be lengthy before he loses manage, making a goopy dirt on this wonderful chick, but she won’t mind. She never complains.

Runtime : 18min 33s
File Size : 735 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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Category: Snuff Fantasy
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