PKF Studios-Wonder Woman Goes Down

доп поле скриншотов
PKF Studios-Wonder Woman Goes Down

Wonder Doll surprises Javier, a henchman of Bane, at his hideout while he’s counting money. He empties his pistol clamp on her but she deflects each one away guiltlessly. He wants to struggle mitt to forearm, thinking he can overpower her. Bane is cooking up a Frankenstein-like villain with all the strengths of the Justice League.

He gets the upper mitt and defeats her lasso, forcing her down on his chisel, pushing it down her gullet. She still has struggle left in her and pushes him to the wall as she runs out of the apartment.

He pursues her to an office where they battle until he grips her and carries her away to his bedroom.

He embarks to disrobe her down and slurps her vulva, making her groan with enjoyment. He makes her jizz rigid before unwrapping his own closes, pushing his beef whistle in her jaws and fumbling a electro-hitachi on her bud.

He blows a load firm in her jaws, but this isn’t enough for the henchman. He brings her to his dungeon space where he works her tummy over while strung up from the ceiling.

Getting weary of her wails her brings her down and commences kittling her. She squeals for him to stop and he obliges by prodding his man meat down her facehole until she gags.

He has had enough joy for today and gasps her to death. She swishes and gags and coughs, attempting to get him to stop, but his force is no match for her little framework and she dies in the corner.

Runtime : 19min 35s
File Size : 600 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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