The Guillotine-Adreena Headless Body Donation part 1

доп поле скриншотов
The Guillotine-Adreena Headless Body Donation part 1


Porn star Adreena signs a very off the hook contract which grants her 1 million dollars for liking life, but after one year she has to be kindly terminated, donating her bod and head to the company. She's actually really thrilled about it, even because the head will be exposed at the Pornography Star Hall of fame museum gallery, while her headless assets will be sold to a individual boy in China who will use it in any way he wants.

-- Satisfy not that the killing and beheading gig is downright implied and not shown! --

In a room, we watch Adreena's headless figure and severed head dumped on a table for later preparation: she has just been beheaded and the figure is still clad and warm; doctor Cummings (the previous interviewer) walks in and embarks unwrapping her, putting his arms on the figure in a kinda disrespectful way. Adreena can no longer mind that he slaps and gropes her booty and fun bags, or uses her dead arm to stroke his beef whistle, or slaps it on her uber-sexy smooth soles until he completes off all over them. The body is simply just a toy now and legally belongs to the company.

Once he's satisfied and the cum has been sufficiently cleaned off Adreena's feet, he starts preparing and dressing up the headless body in the apparel required by the person who bought it. It will be preserved and shipped shortly to him.

Then we observe the severed head, mounted on a device; an attendant performs some inspections and eye checks on it, then the head gets resuscitated. Adreena's brain is now back to life, confused, as the doctor keeps taunting the head inspecting the reactions. Looks like she will have to linger uncovered forever in the museum, alive, while her headless figure is used as a plaything dame somewhere in the world.

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RJ Christophel
RJ Christophel 21 September 2018 00:44 Ответить
Love it when the women wear those white tube socks with or without heels on... this video for sale anywhere?
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