The Guillotine-Adreena Headless Body Donation part 2

доп поле скриншотов
The Guillotine-Adreena Headless Body Donation part 2


Another one from the Assets Donation series, but more impressive. The video is essentially made of Four parts:

The day has arrived: Adreena is super aroused, dressed in the white stocking and underwear the customer asked for. She will be beheaded soon, and her headless assets will be shipped to Gerry, the customer, who will be free to do whatever he wants with it. Adreena is sexually exhilarated at the thought of being used as a headless nymph by him.
She converses with the operator about it; they chat, take a movie message for Gerry; the boy is exhilarated as well, but very sad that time is short and he is not allowed to drill her because the figure has to linger virgin and untouched... But still she suggests that he might do something with the body which does not involve defloration, such as ravage her feet or similar. That's an idea, he will surely do it. But before they go he wants to have a peek at the assets he's going to take, and also have a kind of memory of her, so he takes her dress off, fumbles her, and in the meantime she begins giving him a hand job, which also turns her on in preparation for execution. At some point is really time to go, he will conclude off on her headless bod afterward.

The boy walks Adreena into the execution room; since she's thrilled and wild, he chose the getting down on all 4s doggiestyle guillotine for her; she appreciates it, and, as shortly as she is tied in position, she commences fingerblasting herself. They keep talking, and he says that he will release the blade only when she ejaculations, so he's waiting for her commands. She luvs it, and goes on finger-tickling and squealing while the basket camera films her face as well. At some point she begins requesting for the blade heavily, as orgasm embarks... One moment again, and the blade drops on her (the actual gig is explicitly shown) had all of a sudden it's silence, the body collapses, the arm slips off her pants. The body is prepped to be taken.

3) Figure Abuse
Back to the medical room. Adreena's headless assets lays on the table while her severed head has been placed on a cabinet by the side. The man walks in, highly likely to start preparing the body for shipment to Gerry - But, instead, he takes off her bra and panties, leaving it only in white tights. He starts kneading it, reveals the cootchie, uses her will-less hands to touch his man-meat and just knead the bod itself.
At some point he turns the body on the belly; focusing on her feet, but still grabbing and slapping that rump. He takes off one stocking, leaving the other on; he slurps the sumptuous soles, either the nylon and the naked one. You can spot his saliva making the naked one glistening. He wanks, he spanks his trunk on these amazing soles. At times he goes back to use her arms on his shaft, and grips the thighs and ass again. He takes his time, then ultimately pours out cumming onto these senseless soles, soaking the nylon as well. Adreena would have appreciated this, he knows that.

Time to get prepped the body for shipment! The fellow seizes a towel and carefully cleans his jizz off the soles and calves, paying attention not to leave any between the toes, so the bod looks untouched. He puts the missing pantyhose back on, in a very unskilled way. He puts the underpants back on as well, pats the headless body's butt, and the video fades. Gerry will have lots of fun with that body.

Runtime : 19min 40s
File Size : 608 MB
Resolution : 1280x720

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