The Guillotine-Beautiful Head Laura Smith

доп поле скриншотов
The Guillotine-Beautiful Head Laura Smith


Laura is a very classy and important person - maybe a queen - Who has just been condemned to beheading. She accepted her fate with dignity and resignation, and now she is making herself up in order to have her last public appearance at her best. She does her makeup putting a slew of of care in it, frequently looking at herself in the mirror, and also styles her hair in an immensely trendy way which will work well for the axe.
Once she accepted her fate, her view is the main concern: she truly hopes that her head will view splendid for the pillow exposure, and she's doing her best to assure it.

Execution time comes, she is led in and put on her knees: the headsman ties up her ankles and wrists, and pulls down her half-shirt unveiling her shoulders completely. Laura lets him do it, almost fussed that it's taking so long. Then, ultimately, she is pushed down, resting her neck on the chopping block. The axe is positioned over her neck, Laura closes her eyes...
The beheading effect is implied, but after that we observe her body on the floor, and her severed head in a spill of blood, STILL ALIVE, her eyes looking around for a moment before vanishing into a death stare. Justice has been done.

Finally, pans over her head on a pillow are provided. her face is clean, and her hair are a bit undone, but fortunately her makeup and styling managed to get through her death and she now makes a beautiful chunk for everyone to witness...

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