PKF Studios-College Girl Murders

доп поле скриншотов
PKF Studios-College Girl Murders

In a college dorm room, Two jaw-dropping girls are lovin’ a long shower together. Stella and Mary just crushing off watching each other recently, but their fling has already gotten hot and strong. Mary kisses Stella's soft lips, then globs to her knees so she can gobble Stella's trimmed fuckbox. Next, Stella takes her turn diving in Mary's round vagina. Hot water trickles down Mary's intense bumpers as she moans in ecstasy.

Afterward, Mary lies in bed snapchatting while Stella leaves to go to class. On her way out the door, she is ambushed by a strange man. He muffles her cries with a ample arm over her facehole and carries Stella into the other bedroom. She kicks and thrashes to free herself, but the tiny lady is swiftly chocked unconscious by her assailant. It seems Stella has had a secret devotee and he has grown murderously jealous of Mary.

The attacker moves into Mary's bedroom next. She barely has time to view up from her phone before he pounces on her. Her ginormous boob wag wildly during the brief struggle. The guy quickly snares Mary's neck with a garrote and pulls tight. Her face turns bright red and her eyes full salute as the life is fiercely choked out of her. The attacker leaves his all damsel rival's bare assets sprawled throughout the bed.

He comes back to Stella and begins lovin’ the spoils of his horrible crime. He peels off her out of her clothes, relishing every inch, paying off the hook attention to her puffy fun bags and stockings gash. All of a unexpected, Stella wakes up and she is subjected to the same violent fate as Mary. Once he strangles his object of obsession, the attacker is free to take his time gobbling her jummy beaver. While it's still super-steamy, he tucks his long rigid manhood into Stella's dead vagina. Her lifeless eyes stare uselessly at the ceiling as he ravages away at her. Once he blows his geyser in her necrotic fuckbox, he makes a hasty exit before that nosy RA comes around.

Runtime : 29min 46s
File Size : 607 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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