PKF Studios-Deadly Journalism

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PKF Studios-Deadly Journalism

A journalist thinks she has the story of her career. A corrupt businessman with political ambitions with ties to sub labor--what a story. And she confronts him in a hotel encounter she set up. Alone.

Turns out, he is more then just an anus. When she tried to leave, he forced her to stay, forcibly kissing and gobbling her. Then he takes her to the bedroom.

She knows she is in trouble, but goes with it, reluctantly, hoping she can get through this and make a break for it.

He keeps molesting her as he compels her clothes off. At one point he knocks her out keeping her groggy. He pays lots of attention to her pretty feet, gobbling and blowing them.

He compels himself on her, penetrating her, forcing her to deepthroat him, and ultimately smothering her with his palms until she is unconscious.

She wakes up trussed to the bed, lubed up and he is taking pic of her. It is clear what is going to happen to her. He plans to sell her to the highest bidder as a hookup gimp.

He goes to come in her with the knock out drug, but she gets the upper hand and the injection needle goes into him instead. He collapse. She is free and starts to untie herself.

But it was just a ruse. He is immune to the substance, but now, is romping peed off at her and at himself for being so frivolous. He wraps a rope around her neck and violently strangles her. She kicks and thrashes, her figure yanking for air. She gets none, however, and after a valiant struggle, she is still.

He looks over the merchandise, now useless in his sight....and leaves.

We, however, get to stick around and longingly gaze at her cooling corpse.

Runtime : 35min 27s
File Size : 736 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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