PKF Studios-Expendable Soldiers

доп поле скриншотов
PKF Studios-Expendable Soldiers

The future is not so bright. War is everywhere and the drafting age was recently diminished worldwide. Nymphs are considered expendable and sent out on the front lines to die, or worse.

Today, Penny, a seasoned pioneer of a few months (lifespan was not highly lengthy for chicks in war), and Willow, a youthfull, fresh draftee were stationed at a lookout point somewhere in the dead zone inbetween the 2 factions.

With such a low opportunity of living thru this Penny comforts Willow, who is a cherry, the hottest way she can.

Sapphic Fuck-fest.

When they are completed and resting peacefully, 2 soldier are hidden, having been eyeing them. There is no indication of what side they are on, nymphs are considered targets, wartime relaxation, no matter what. He takes goal and fires....beating Penny in her snatch.

As the gals are response to what has happened, the guys rush up. One commences humping Willow, while the other slashed at Penny's pecs with his service knife.

Ultimately, he sticks that knife 3 times into her bosoms and stomach, mortally wounding her. As she lay dying, they take the now bashed and cracked Willow away. Penny then does.

In another location, the bring Willow in and sexually attack her. They energy themselves in her jaws, perform clumsy sexual postures and ravage her. Still afterwards they pummel her culo then both dudes jizm on her face.

They bind her up to their torment rack and deep smooch her. Then, the stab her in the labia and tummy with their bayonets. She bleeds out, the glob her down to the floor, thrust her on her back and leave her dead assets to bleed out like a pig.

Runtime : 50min 16s
File Size : 890 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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