The Guillotine-Cindy R and the Foot Collector

доп поле скриншотов
The Guillotine-Cindy R and the Foot Collector

He tells her to dance tease with the guillotine and not to worry, it\'s fake. Once she has undressed bare he asks her to place her feet in the lunette. When she does, he gives her feet a tiny tickle then drops the blade. She groans in shock and ache. He says that her feet will make and excellent addition to his collection as we witness her severed feet in the basket.

Next he coerces her neck into the lunette and says that her head will also make an addition to his collection while she\'s weeping not to cut off her head and crying about losing her luxurious, ideal feet. He says not to worry, the last thing she sees will be her feet and the last thing she feels will be her face on her severed head hitting her soft soles, then he droplets the blade as she wails.

One more surreal section, cutting between her severed head and severed feet intersperse shots of the head dead and the head calling him sick and making complaints about the fact that he\'s most likely going to shag her severed head and feet and that she can practically taste the cum already.

End with shots of her severed feet, soles up, as he touches and gropes them and her severed head with the practical effects for the head on the table shots, while he remarks that they are the Crown Joy buttons of his collectionand a digital effect of her head between her severed feet.

Runtime : 17min 18s
File Size : 550 MB
Resolution : 1280x720

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