PKF Studios-An Unfair Stabbing

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PKF Studios-An Unfair Stabbing

Mikki is very sad and wants to end her life. She obtains contact information for an assassin and calls, giving out her info and details to the person on the other end of the phone who lingers quiet.

Afterward, at a prearranged time, he showcases up, and remaining calm, she asks him to come back afterwards that week and murder her by stabbing her between her melons. He leaves, assuming he will do this job.

The evening arrives and she sits on the couch flipping channels. She comes across a breaking news story about a serial beautiful in the area that is viciously stabbing his victims--but there is a knock at the door before the report finishes.

She opens the door. The very first time the assassin arrived, he wore a mask, but this time there was no mask, only horny eyes and a phat sneer gawping back at her. She reminded him to stab her right between the bosoms and as he showed her a brief glance of bewilderment, she backed always as he raised a big knife. At that moment she knew this was the serial sumptuous from the news. She panicked, commenced to pray, but he rushed right at her--plunging the 12 inch blade through her stomach.

She was in shock, the handle of the knife wedging out of her...about the moment the anguish started to register, he pulled it out. She looked at up him in time to witness the knife slicing back down--this time through her left melon. Only partway in she stared at the blade in shock and pain, then he forced it the rest of the way, snapping schlong as it slid through her breastbone. He puled it back out, the knife frosted with blood.

She fell to the floor, having barely the intensity to crawl forward he concluded up collapsing. She rolled over--blood packed up her lung and throat--she coughed it out covering her face and eyes. She convulsed and milked in ache and tried to plea.

He settled down next to her and acknowledging her dream to be stabbed between the udders, he plundged the knife into her again. Her assets shove upward, her legs and hips bucking as he restrained the knife in her.

He pulled the knife out and sad down and watched her suffer for a while. When he was satiated he bent back down next to her and as he confined the knife over her, he petted her hair and gave her some fake comfort as she looked at him in conclude terror. He slammed the knife between her tits again--just to the weenie, then when he was satisfied, he pushed it the rest of the way. This proved to be fatal--her head slowly eased, she stopped wiggling and she was still. Dead.

He pulled the knife out and ripped her top and brassiere to the side, studying his work and breifly perceiving her up. He leaves her dead on the floor, bleeding and exposed.

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