PKF Studios-Deadly Training

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PKF Studios-Deadly Training

Rachel is willing to put herself through anything to keep herself away from a boring desk job. Her trainers sit her down in a tabouret in the middle of their training dungeon space space and commence right away.

They demand she give up the information she knows, but she denies. They grab her by the neck and tease her, tonguing and spanking her face, and shrieking at her to give up what she knows. They hoist her up and begin caressing her puss through her pants, grinding their crotches on her legs. They de-robe her and roll her end over end as they tease her skin, deep throating on her toes, spanking her culo, and marking her assets with the anger of their open mitts. They lay her on the ground and finger her as she reiterates that she wonТt spill any secrets.

They take turns thrusting their fuck-sticks down her hatch before propping her on a mattress and boning her while taking explicit images with their phone. They tear up her in a few positions, taking turns and collecting incriminating evidence until one of the trainers rockets a stream on her chest, the exhaustion causing her to pass out. They tie her hands and feet together with string. So far this recruit has been doing supreme, having received high test scores. They chit chat about mundane life, their coworkers, their bosses, their nymphs.

Concluded, they splash water on RachelТs face, causing her to awaken to a cattle prod shocking her figure and the incessant questions from her trainers. They tickle her, her laughs filling the chamber, the sheer pleasure to reach out impossible with her trussed hands. They perceive watch has well deserved a little break, untying her and giving her some water to gulp. There is but one more exercise to complete, a strangulation test. The trainer takes hold of a string and embarks strangling Rachel. She struggles, coughing and clamoring for just a single breath of air. But the test is not completing as hastily as she would like, the danger becoming all too real as she realize she is being strangled for real.

Her feet kick out and she spurts to the floor where she dies. The trainer tries to wake her, realizing that he has just killed her. His career is over, she was a top recruit and now both their careers are in jeopardy. They can adorn it up, thatТs what theyТre fine at, but the loss of a qualified agent hurts even more.

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