The Guillotine-Headless Body Donation Tasha

доп поле скриншотов
The Guillotine-Headless Body Donation Tasha

The day has come: Tasha brings herself to the health center where her head will be taken off, her headless body will be well-prepped, preserved and shipped out to a person who paid a bunch of money to have it as a intercourse toy. Tasha is super excited, she enjoys the thought. She can't wait to have her head taken off and her bod used and abused by the customer. She chats with the operator about it, they also take a kind of video message for the customer, now that she is still able to talk to him. She shows a bit more of the figure, just as a teaser, then they stop recording. Tasha is super exhilarated, so she goes for one last frigging and ejaculation before proceeding to have her head cut. The operator is sexually sexually aroused and sad because he is not allowed to do anything with her figure, as he is a professional and the body must be delivered untouched to the customer. Eventually, tasha is prepped to have her head cut off and they walk to another room.

The beheading is completely implied and NOT shown!

Now we witness Tasha's headless bod laying on the stretcher, her neckstump has been cleaned, the bod has been dressed in white stockings as the customer asked. Tasha's head rests severed on a box, her face still on a mind-blowing dead expression. The man cannot simply contain himself. Screw work! He starts fondling these bra-stuffers, thighs, he gropes the whole body. maybe the customers will never find out.
He takes hold of Tasha's limp arm and begins giving himself a handjob; he spreads these legs and unveils the open pussy; he keeps fumbling, slurping and kissing that luscious body. The gutless fondle of these palms on his weenie is so provocative... Once the assets has been turned on the tummy, he now gropes that donk, smacks his boner on the caboose, and keeps plumbing Tasha's hand.
He worships the headless body's feet through the material, without taking the tights off, and ends up pounding these feet and nutting on the white tights which had to be luved by the customer... Maybe he will need to neat up the mud before the bod gets shipped out?

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