The Guillotine-Olive headless body donation

доп поле скриншотов
The Guillotine-Olive headless body donation

Fountains of content and explicit effects!

Basically Olive wants to donate her headless figure and severed head to her beau, so he can use her as a plaything forever. She is highly sexually aroused about it, but when she meets the dude at the beheading company he commences to examine and rub her a bit too much (maybe he tears up her, as implied gig). She is overwhelmed, she senses her figure is not unspoiled for her bf anymore and determines to commit suicide.

While she is in her box, waiting for her beheading, she throttles herself with an electrical wire. Highly lovely throttling gig.
The next day the man comes to pick her up and finds her dead. At very first he is perplexed, but then he realizes not much changes: he guillotines her already dead assets (--> this is something never shot before). The headless assets convulses barely because of some jumpy reflexes.
Astounding effect demonstrating the head flipping into the basket

He has other plans: he will ship the severed head to the beau (the head is shown being closed inwards a cage), but keep the assets for him and lick it as food. The movie features Three vignettes (Trio postures) showcasing the EXPLICITLY headless assets being lubricated up like a roast with a brush

Runtime : 25min 59s
File Size : 567 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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Category: Snuff Fantasy
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