PKF Studios-War Is Hell 2

доп поле скриншотов
PKF Studios-War Is Hell 2

The fabulous and deadly commando crew of the Women's Council are infiltrating the headquarters of the evil misogynist warlord Maj. Bronson. His infamous crimes against womanity have earned him a standing death sentence from the council and this uber-sexy team is here to collect the blood price. Already partially naked from a former battle, the nymphs are tho' strenuously armed and well-prepped for anything.

As the patrol thru the safehouse, clearing apartment to apartment, a dark bod stalks noiselessly after them. The vile Maj. Bronson has ambushed the women in his basement. Cornered and at the biz end of his intense machine gun, the gals have no choice but to relinquish their weapons. Unluckily, they receive no quarter from Maj. Bronson. He drools a barrage of steamy lead from his fat gun, blistering its perverse barrel from side to side. One by one, the uber-cute amazon warriors are perforated. Mounds flop as bullets riddle and blood droplets.

With his would-be attackers neutralized, Major Bronson looks for a tiny R&R. He penetrates and massages the fantastic decedents, until the cutest one of all catches his eye. Moka was always the greatest and the deadliest of the pile. "She can't protest now", Maj. Bronson thinks. He laps thirstily at her delicious beaver then pushes his girthy dick into her tiny gullet. Moka's eyes gawp glassily as he hate-plows her lukewarm gullet and cooter. After packing her dead cunny with molten spunk, Maj. Bronson goes back to HQ. He'll send a grunt to tidy up this mess.

Runtime : 17min 35s
File Size : 80.8 MB
Resolution : 768x432

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